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The year 2019 has already presented interior designers with a new taste and gentle shift in trends when it comes to fashion in home décor. We are seeing the confident entrance of artisan fixtures into the home, a preference towards natural elements, floral patterns, more diverse color palettes, and even velvet furnishings. More and more designers are more turning an eye toward brass décor, black and whites, millennial pink, and tonal reds when renovating or working on interior design projects.


COPENHAGEN TV Stand - White/Grey 


Due to the vast availability of choice in the market it may be difficult to make a decision, when to retouch your home or undertake renovating entire rooms or even your whole house. If we look at the different design trends we may find it nearly impossible to choose the perfect TV stand in 2019, which bears responsibility of providing the ultimate TV lounge experience and adequate support for your amazing flat screen TV.  After all, to create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere it is advisable to select one or two design trends at most and choose furniture according to their foundations.

For instance, design styles such as minimalism, Scandinavian design, or Nordic design, may all share a few things in common but have their own distinct characteristics. So where do matte and gloss finishings come in from an interior design perspective?

Chrome metal handle on high gloss cabinet finish

Chrome metal handle over high gloss finish found on our BILLUND and ROSKILDE models 

The Perfect TV Stand

Choosing the perfect TV stand is no simple task. There is a whole list of factors to consider before making a decision. For instance, even if you have spotted the perfect looking TV cabinet that will be the final piece to award-winning interior design, check its size in order to ensure that its support will be suitable for the size of your flat screen TV.

After selecting the size, consider the TV cabinet’s texture, color, and shapes. We have previously looked at the nature of different design styles such as the Minimalist interior design style and the Scandinavian. If you have oriented your interior according to a specific design, make you your TV stand fits in with the rest of your furniture and décor. Last but not least comes the choice for a matte or gloss finish to spice things up, and this is where the true dilemmas usually come in.

Choosing a Matte Finish TV Stand

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, matte has a number of other advantages. The appearance of matte furniture is usually more muted, allowing for more imperfections to exist without anyone necessarily noticing them. For instance, if you are a cat owner the matte black Samso TV Stand may be the perfect solution to hide away any scratches! Its clean lines and extra storage space make it the ideal TV stand for a minimal design in 2019. 


In addition, matte finishes tend to enrich the interior due to their ability to diffuse light reaching the surface. The lack of reflection of light also makes color appear more consistently and smooth, creating a gentler effect.

However, as pretty and attractive as matte furniture finishings may be, they do come along with a few disadvantages. The light reflection point mentioned earlier can turn into a drawback if your dark matte TV stand is positioned in a smaller size. The dark matte color is likely to make the space look even smaller and more compact. In addition, cleaning matte surfaces is more difficult when compared to glossy finishings as they are not as smooth.

Choosing a Gloss Finish TV Stand

If you seek luxury, are fond of satin finishes, then choosing a gloss finish TV cabinet may be a perfect choice. The majority of modern urban interiors include glossy finishes across a range of furniture to create a pleasant and certainly beautiful to look at reflective, shiny touch.


In contrast to matte surfaces, gloss finishings do reflect light, creating a sense of a more open a wider space, even if the room is actually small in size. This trick is ideal for smaller spaces that you wish to unlock in terms of potential. A gloss finish TV cabinet will be extremely easy to clean because of its smooth surface. In addition, if you are looking for a way to make your TV stand look even more vibrant and color-rich, gloss is the answer as it unveils the true color of the material. Choosing the white gloss Samso TV Standwill add a truly enriching vibe to your living space, turning your TV lounge into a brilliant and stunning to look at environment.

High gloss finish of the SAMSO TV Cabinet reflecting light

The negative aspects of choosing a gloss finish for the furniture at home include the inability to tuck away surface imperfections or scratches. In addition, as eye-pleasing, as they may be, gloss finishings are not everyone’s piece of pie. The luxurious looking surfaces will fit in perfectly in a modern environment but may not be a suitable addition to a traditional home setting. If a gloss TV stand is your choice, make sure to regularly clean and maintain it as fingerprints are extremely easy to spot.

Combining Matte and Gloss Surfaces

If you still struggle to make your mind over matte or gloss, there is no need to worry! There is a solution to everything when it comes to interior design. Combining matte and gloss is also an option when choosing the perfect TV stand for your living room, bedroom, TV lounge, or other favorite space in the house.


Graphite Grey SAMSO TV Cabinet - highlights a combination of gloss and matte finish

Our Billund TV stand is the perfect example, with its high gloss lacquered front panels and matte white laminated body. In addition, the TV cabinet has chrome metal cabinet handles, adding an extra boost to the pieces look.

As 2019 progresses we are likely to observe a whole new set of design trends appear and some older ones hold their advantage over others. Matte and gloss furniture finishings are certainly here to stay and it is up to you to make a decision regarding which surface will appeal more in your home’s environment. If you are a true fan of both, make your dreams come true with a matte and gloss combined TV stand in 2019!

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