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Sometimes choosing the right TV stand for your new flat screen TV turns out to be harder than selecting the TV itself.  Although most TV stand manufacturers and re-sellers go out of their way to provide the necessary details related to their products, making a final decision may be a  truly difficult task! After all, spending quality down time lounging in front of the TV with friends and family enjoying R&R or ‘Netflix and chill’ is as important as other  time that and shapes important parts of our lives.

A quick look at the statistics, we can see that on average, Canadians spend a full day every week in front of the TV, while Americans spend an average of 8 hours a day watching TV. And imagine how the statistics would look if we include other alternatives to television such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Facebook Video, and YouTube that we also tend to enjoy in front of the TV in the living room or bedroom. You get the idea – we all love the big flat screens in our homes and it is only natural that we want the perfect TV stand to support them and add something extra to our home interior.

Your TV stand’s main purpose is to provide support for your TV but its function certainly doesn’t end there. The ultimate goal is to create the ideal entertainment center that you can enjoy in the company of friends or members of your family.

To help you make the best choice for a TV stand for your dream flat-screen TV, we’ve prepared the ultimate TV stand size guide!

Choosing the Right TV Stand Size

Often most peoples TV’s are centrally located in the home or living room where most socializing takes place, it is where you play video games, watch your favorite TV series or catch up on news. Although there are a number of factors that shape the quality of your TV stand such as the material used, its aesthetics and design, there is one thing that you absolutely mustget right and that’s the size.

Imagine that you have found the perfect TV stand that you have dreamt of for years – it matches your style, it is highly functional, practical, stable, and just downright awesome! And it happens that its size completely matches the size of your flat-screen TV!

 Now, don’t be too quick to get excited.

A number of consumers are disappointed to find that there is, in fact, a difference in the way that TV stands and TVs are measured. Let’s look at this difference in more detail and help you select the TV stand size that will be capable of supporting your flat screen TV!

TV Stand Sizes vs TV Sizes

TV sizes listed in the product details section of online shops or physical stores are a result of diagonal measurements, while TV stands are measured horizontally. In other words, the brand new 60 inch flat-screen TV that you have just bought is not 60 inches wide. The 60-inch measurement does not include the frame surrounding the TV screen, also known as the bezel, which means that if you buy a TV stand with this size it will turn out to be too small for your new TV and you will most likely be forced to return it or give it away. Things are even more complicated with new HDTVs, whose screen aspect ratios are 16:9, which translates into the height of the TV being 56 percent of the width.

There is no need to worry! You don’t need to have a Ph.D. in Mathematics to choose the right TV stand size. Here is a guide to taking accurate measurements of your TV that will help you look for the right size TV stand!

How to Measure the Size of Your TV

So now that we’ve shared that the listed size in stores or catalogs is not always fully accurate, let’s see what we can do to get a clear picture of what size TV stand we will need. Starting with finding the actual width of your TV, using a tape measure, take the measurement going from left to right from one edge of the frame to the other. Make a note of the result as this is the full width of your TV, including the frame surrounding the screen.

Next, you will need to have an idea of what the ideal TV stand height will be for you and your family or friends. Experts say that the ideal scenario for the best cinema experience at home is to have the middle of the TV screen positioned at eye level. Apart from pure comfort, selecting a TV stand that will position the TV screen at eye level will also bring the benefit of keeping your eyes healthy and relaxed.

But how can you ensure the height is perfect?

Using the measuring tape, find out what the length of the distance from the floor to your sightline or the average sightline of the viewers at home. When you have your result, subtract half of the TV’s height from the number. The received difference is the answer that you were looking for.

HD Flat Screen TV on TV Stand Roskilde in contemporary living room

The viewing distanceis also a factor that should not be underestimated as it plays a significant role in the comfort of watching TV. Try to position your TV stand at a distance double your screen size. For instance, if you have purchased a 60 inch TV are about to buy our 79-inch black Samso TV stand, with high gloss panels, premium soft-closing components, matte laminated body and plenty of space for additional entertainment accessories, it is best to position it 120 inches away from the viewing space.  

If you are true cinema enthusiast and can’t wait to bring the experience to your home TV area, then check out our Copenhagen TV cabinets and Samso TV stand lines, which are designed to accommodate flat screen TVs up to 90 inches wide.

Here is a chart of widescreen TV stand widths that will help you better understand the standard sizes and recommended TV stand widths:

Flat screen TV size chart

 Choosing the best TV stand for your new flat screen TV is certainly not a last-minute decision and requires a few measurements here and there.  Make sure that the new centerpiece will not only bring joy and beauty to the family but will be strong and large enough to provide full support for your magnificent new flat-screen TV. Dive in the rich world of movies, TV series and videos with the comfort that the best TV stands offer

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