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Have you ever thought about what your favorite place in your home is? Well, for many of us it certainly would be the living room. Not only because we frequently share time with family and friends but its where we can enjoy a good movie or a TV series – like Netflix and a variety of streaming services today have made enjoying good cinema and series at home with friends easier than ever. The living room where entertainment systems are commonly setup has become focal points for social activity closely rivaling holiday time spent around the dining table.  

So how do we make this area even more enjoyable? A suitable TV stand would surely improve the overall look, feel, and comfort of the area. If you are looking to tone things up or you have recently bought a modern and technologically advanced flat screen TV that you just can’t get enough of, we have prepared a few tips for finding the right TV stand that will guarantee unforgettable moments in front of the screen!

Tips for Finding the Perfect TV Stand for New Your Flat Screen

Choosing the best TV stand to fit in perfectly with your amazing new flat screen TV may sound like a simple task but it involves a lot of planning and consideration. Let’s look at the most important factors to consider before purchasing a TV stand or TV cabinet!

1. Match the TV stand style with your home interior

Looks do play an important role when it comes to selecting the perfect TV stand. Have a look at your home interior, the style that it has, the colors, the dominant materials used, and try to synchronize these with the choice of the TV stand. For example, our Roskilde TV Cabinet is a perfect fit for homes designed in a classic to contemporary style, complemented by its high gloss finish on the cabinet’s front panels, the chrome metal cabinet handle adding a touch of elegance, and its overall time-honored traditional appearance. All our designs uphold characteristics emphasizing simplicity, clean edges, smooth surfaces, and aesthetics that say “less is more”.

2. Make sure your TV stand is comfortable to use

Nothing is worse than having the best flat screen, 62 inches, 4K UHD TV with HDR that you may have come across in a list of best TVs for 2019  and failing to enjoy it because of an inappropriate TV stand that is just too high or too low for you to enjoy! The viewing height of your TV stand is probably among the most important factors for comfort when spending time in front of the TV.

The standard recommendation is for the TV height to be around 42 inches but this could vary depending on your individual height or that of your sofa or chairs. A low and wide profile construction may be just what you need, such as the Samso and Copenhagen TV cabinets. Both these cabinets sit on low and wide profiles, designed as centerpieces for that beautiful new flat screen and a home cinema experience. With larger and higher quality TVs dropping in price and average screen size growing in most Canadian homes, a lower TV stand may be something to consider.

TV Cabinet - SAMSO TV Cabinet - All White, high gloss,

The SAMSO TV Cabinet offers plenty of storage to tuck all clutter away

3. Think about extra storage that the TV stand will provide

Stepping away from the visual perspective and entering a more pragmatic point of view, don forget to consider all the additional equipment that your TV stand may need to accommodate. For instance, you may spend a lot of time playing on the PlayStation 4 or you may have an A/V receiver, a ton of cables or other boxes that require storage somewhere within the vicinity of the TV.

If storage space is important for you, you may want to check out our Samso TV Stand as it provides plenty of extra space for any additional equipment.

4. Size Matters – choose the perfect size TV stand

When choosing our next flat-screen TVs most of us want to recreate a theatre experience at home and go for something large and powerful. However, make sure that the TV stand you have in mind is able to fit the TV perfectly. If necessary, measure the available space at home that you are willing to set aside for a TV stand and start your search from there. The most important thing is to avoid choosing a cool TV stand that is too small to fit the height and width of your TV. For instance, our Copenhagen TV Cabinet  has the capacity to safely accommodate a flat screen TV up to 90 inches wide, which gives plenty of space for your TV dreams to come true!

5. Choose the right material

When it comes to the right material for your TV stand, there are a few important factors: stability, durability, and aesthetics. You will find that most TV stands these days are made of medium density fiberboard or similar wood composite materials. Fewer are made of wood as has been traditionally commonplace. Technological advancements have allowed for the proliferation of a variety of quality wood composite and derivative materials. As you can imagine, wood and metal are one of the toughest and long-lasting materials, advisable for TV stands. If you have already done some research you will have noticed that the TV stand price will often depend on the material. Synchronize your budget with the best available material for your TV stand.

6. Consider the structural support of your dream TV stand

Similarly to the size factor of your TV stand, make sure you have information on how powerful and stable the structural support of the TV stand is to avoid damage to the flat screen TV if the stand is not able to fully support it. This may be a result of weight, inappropriate material, or purely a matter of poor structure. For example, glass is extremely fragile and if you do decide to go for a luxurious glass TV stand, it is essential to check its support first.

7. Pick a TV stand that will turn into true house décor

Lastly, use the TV stand as another décor in the house. By that, we don’t necessarily mean that it has to be rich in colors, ornaments or complex geometrical shapes. Sometimes, the simpler an object is, the more beauty it holds. For instance, our TV stands have a matte laminated body on all units, bringing an extra touch of beauty to the overall look!

We hope that this list of tips to consider when purchasing your next TV stand for your new flat screen TV will help you make a better and more informed decision. Spending time in front of the TV can be a truly precious moment and it deserves a quality product to accommodate it!

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