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Redecorating your home will surely refresh your home and create an enjoyable atmosphere to unwind, chill and simply enjoy. When considering a home redecorating project there are a number of complex decisions to consider, one of which is the design style you wish to achieve.

By choosing the right set of colors, working shapes, specific furniture pieces, and decorations, your interior can go from basic to Bohemian, Scandinavian, Farmhouse, Urban Modern, Nautical, Industrial, Shabby Chic, or Minimal design. Each style has individual traits and characteristics, which often reflection the personality of those who choose them.

Let’s imagine that you are about to take on the challenge of renovating your living room and you are looking to create a minimalist home interior design. Where should you start? We’ll share a few tips to keep in mind!

What is Minimalist Design?

Before starting, it may be worth exploring the true nature of minimalism as an interior design style. The word is commonly seen in lifestyle, architectural or interior design magazines and articles but what does this actually represent? Minimalism is all about the clean and natural looks, white and grey tones, and simplicity. It represents getting rid of the physical clutter of everyday life and organizing a fresh and simple space around us. It is said that a minimalist design at home helps improve concentration, maintain mental balance, and a positive outlook of life. After all, in the busy lifestyles that most of us are sucked into, there’s nothing better to going home to a calm and simple living space!

Elegant Scandinavian apartment

Elegant Nordic minimalist apartment

Tips on Designing a Minimalist Living Room

Following these steps will help you improve your living space by creating a relaxing and eye-pleasing minimalist living room. Some of the tips can be used to recreate other areas at home such as the bedroom or bathroom for an ultimate minimalist home environment.

  1. Clear Up the Living Room

One of the most distinct aspects of minimalism in interior design is clean surfaces and almost empty spaces. If you are the type of person who likes color-rich interiors and feels organized when everything is out on the table then minimalism may not be the right choice for you. This design style will require all clutter and unnecessary items which have become a natural part of your home’s décor to be put away in a place which will remain hidden. Yes, that means that all car keys, cups, sunglasses, makeup, accessories, notebooks, and others should be put away in drawers or designated places. Having a clean TV stand with extra storage space such as the Samso TV stand in white will help you stay organized.

  1. Choose Your Base Colors

Choosing a base color for your living room is always an exciting endeavor. At first, some may be tempted to be bold and choose a screaming bright color to go out of the comfort zone. However, from a minimalist’s perspective most commonly seen colors are whites and lighter, neutral tones. White invites light into any space, lightens a room and creates the impression of larger spaces. Dark tones and colors tend to have the opposite effect, making a space feel smaller than it is. It’s worth noting that just because minimalists love white they are by no means boring in their choices. You can choose additional colors to complement your base color but it is advisable to go for solid pigments that are soothing to the eyes. For instance, a light grey Samso TV cabinet may compliment an otherwise white room and act as a statement piece or vise versa.

White TV Stand - White Modern SAMSO TV Cabinet in loft style apartment

White SAMSO TV Cabinet

  1. Put Quality First

One of the main tents behind the minimalist design is maintaining a clean and simple environment, driven by practicality, functionality and feeling. Quality materials certainly influences the feel of a room. Minimalism may encourage simplicity, but the devil is in the details. Quality. When choosing sofas, dining tables, or other items that you would like to place in your living room, I encourage you to think about quality over quantity.  Select furniture which is promising and likely to last longer and has both a functional and aesthetic aspect.

  1. Play Around with Texture and Tones

Minimalist designs when not balanced risk creating cold, empty feeling environments if they are not comfortable. Light tones combined with the use of white, or light-colored floors open up a space, but you want to avoid taking this to the extent your home resembles a clinic. Natural textures, in wood knots, grains, pine wood, cedar etc. often found in hard wood furniture, flooring all create warmth and are often found plentifully in Scandinavian interiors. Exuding Hygge – Danish meaning for warmth, calm, cosines, which comes in many forms.  Use knitted throws in gentle colors that match the interior, select beaded pillows for your sofa, add a sheepskin rug in front of your favorite resting chair or add comfort through the use of velvet. It is certainly a good idea to experiment with creating different senses through texture in your living space.

Nordic Apartment

Nothing beats a cosy environment 

White Candles - Scandinavian decor

Danes unsurprisingly burn more candles at home than anyone. Embodying Hygge, they did coin it after all!

  1. Add plants to your space

Nothing adds life to a space like plants and light. Green leaves with breath life into any space. They help break up monotone, or clinical feel of a space. They add color without creating busyness. They also add a sense of warmth. Ever find yourself in a reading chair a couch or hammock surrounded by beautiful leafy plants, its hard to explain but it does something positive for us. 

Vintage LOFT with Green plant wall

Vintage Loft with green plant wall

Scandinavian apartment with Leafy Plants

Imagine how empty the above space would feel without the large palms on either side of the living room?

  1. Combine Everything with Thought

While redecorating you may be tempted to add your favorite decors that you have been eyeing for ages but have never decided to buy. Minimal design are all about balance and harmony so if you spot an item that seems out of place when looking at the whole picture, it may be better to set it aside for another room.

The living room is the most social areas in the house. It is where most of us spend the majority of time spent at home, where we greet our guests, and where we enjoy movie nights in front of the TV munching on popcorn with friends. When designing with minimalism style in your living room we hope the above-mentioned points will help you stay organized and create an enjoyable atmosphere that anyone will appreciate spending time in.

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Sectional Sofa
Sectional Sofa

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Great tips and ideas. The textures are really important. The sectional sofa designs looks amazing whatever the theme is. Thanks for sharing.

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