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We are all surrounded by design every day, anywhere we go. Whether we are aware of it or not, design has taken a central part of our lives and plays an important role in making life easier and more beautiful. It can be seen in the furniture that we choose or even the way we communicate in the digital world. Consider what your favorite shapes, colors or textures are. Can you relate them back to a certain design style?

There is no need to worry if “no” is your answer. When it comes to the world of interior design, sometimes even the professional experts with years of experience can find it difficult to pinpoint a certain design style and separate it from the rest. Styles tend to overlap one another and new ideas are born, which contributed positively to the evolution of design.

In 2019, one of the popular design styles which dominate the world is the contemporary design. Let’s look into this trend in more detail and see what the distinctive features of a contemporary TV cabinet are. This will help you get a step closer to creating the perfect contemporary design at home!

What is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary is often linked to modern and can sometimes the two concepts can be perceived as one. However, in reality, there is a large difference between contemporary design and modern design. Modern design refers to the modern art movement and the mid-century modern era and can be traced back to the 1950s and 1960s. This design type can also incorporate the vintage typical for the 1970s.

On the other hand, contemporary design is all about the “now”. A mixture of numerous aesthetics, contemporary design has won the hearts of ordinary people and interior design enthusiasts with its shapes and forms. Even if you are not a dedicated interior design specialist but you have decided to turn your home into a beautifully contemporary piece of art, let’s start from the TV cabinet and shed some light on how to spot the contemporary in its design.

What Makes a TV Stand Contemporary?

Contemporary TV cabinets have their own distinctive features and if you are a fan of the style it will be valuable to understand them in order to choose the best TV stand for your taste in design. After all, the TV stand should not only be seen from a functional perspective with its support for your amazing flat screen TV but should also be appreciated for its aesthetics.

TV Cabinets with Simple Forms

Although functionality is also important when selecting the right TV stand, from an interior design perspective we will look into the cabinet’s forms. Form is considered one of the foundations of contemporary design and is what differentiates the style from the rest. Contemporary design takes modern design’s clean and boxy lines and upgrades them by combining beautifully curved lines with architectural straight lines. For instance, the Copenhagen TV Stand is a perfect example of a contemporary TV cabinet that can bring something new to your interior.

Black, White, and Grey in Contemporary Design

The different aesthetic types often go hand-in-hand with specific colors or nuances, which help the experts make distinctions between the styles. The perfect contemporary TV cabinet would be from the black, white, and grey palate and will only include pure colors if any were to be added. These colors help contemporary design maintain its clean and beautiful looks and can easily be combined with light color motives in the rest of the home furniture to add a bit of personality and extra touch.

Black and White TV Stand - Copenhagen Contemporary TV Stand

All of the LOFT TV cabinets follow the contemporary color palette and offer slick white, black, and grey product which can be the perfect touch to your contemporary interior design at home.

Glass and Metal TV Cabinets – the Contemporary Dream

It may be a bit difficult to imagine a metal TV stand at home unless you are really into the industrial look and have managed to synchronize this material with the rest of the interior. However, glass is easy to imitate and creates a unique touch to contemporary TV stands. Our Roskilde TV Cabinetis a great choice with its high gloss lacquered front panels, which also have a touch of classic and modern aesthetics combined together. Furthermore, the chrome metal cabinet handles are a great example of how metal can also be implemented into the contemporary TV stand without causing discomfort to the consumer.

Contemporary TV Stand - Billund All White TV Stand

Minimalism in Contemporary Design

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that the aesthetics of contemporary design are minimalist. In other words, the ultimate aim is to strip down the product or material to its essential and natural quality with the aim of achieving simplicity, the basic message behind minimalist architecture. All of our TV cabinets have been designed in simple shapes and forms, basic colors, and have been finished with a lucrative gloss or matte touch to please the eye. The contemporary TV cabinet is easy to combine with other furniture to create an appealing and aesthetically sound interior.

Choosing the perfect TV stand does require a level of understanding of interior design and its different styles, especially if you are striving for perfection. Contemporary design has become a popular trend internationally because of its beauty and simplicity. Starting with the perfect contemporary TV cabinet you can easily continue to movement by implementing your knowledge in the rest of the decision made regarding your home interior. Following these distinctive features of contemporary design can help you choose the perfect contemporary TV stand and turn your TV lounge area into a true piece of art.

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